Key terms and conditions

A full term sheet will be issued at the time of booking, and all quotes will be issued subject to those terms.  If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.

Flight Planning

  • The exact flight locations must be agreed in advance to enable pre-visit site surveys to take place to assess the feasibility of the operation;
  • We need to receive information such as Post Code, Ordinance Survey Grid Reference or Latitude & Longitude coordinates. A marked map in Google Earth will also suffice;
  • We have to keep 50m clearance from people, buildings and animals not under our control;
  • A satisfactory site survey will be required (which can take up to 1 hour);
  • An acceptable risk assessment will also be undertaken.


  • We live in the UK and bad weather is a fact of life.  More’s the pity!
  • The pilot will make a weather assessment 24-48 hours before the operation and advise whether the flight can go ahead, and agree a re-booking if required.

Operations Manual

  • We work strictly according to our comprehensive CAA-approved Operations Manual which ensures we fly safely and within the law;
  • We cannot fly above 400ft from the ground or further than 500m from the pilot and must at all times fly within the scope of the risk assessment.

Payment terms

Once an operation is agreed upon as being feasible, we set a date and a 25% deposit allows the pre-site surveys and flight planning to commence.  The balance is payable on completion of the operation, no later than 14 days from invoicing.  We accept all major credit cards.


  • All our still images are made available via a personal or commercial license unless agreed otherwise;
  • We do not retain copyright of video;
  • Quotes will include hire of crew and equipment, flight planning and video.

We look forward to hearing from you contact us for a quote.

Editing and viewing

  • We offer a full photo editing service and also provide video editing if required.
  • All clients will be given access to a private gallery to view content and download when complete.

The Pilot’s Authority

  • Just as with manned aviation, the pilot makes the decisions when it comes to assessing risk and safety;
  • If he feels the flight can’t be carried out on the day or after start of operations for any reason, he has the authority to make that decision and provide a full written explanation;
  • Acceptance of an assignment will constitute Clients’ full acceptance of such authority.


  • The terms of our permissions to operate require landowner permission to take off and land at the site.
  • It takes time to secure this in advance of the booking.
  • We will ensure any additional permissions required from any ATC, CAA, Local Authorities or regulatory bodies are secured.


  • As you will appreciate, flight planning and getting permissions take a bit of time so the more notice you can give, the better.
  • There are no hard and fast rules, but we can’t rush the preparation.


  • Every engagement is different because of the site surveys, risk assessments, risk mitigations and permissions so we quote individually against each opportunity.
  • But we also know it is important for you to get an early indication for budget purposes so we have created a Pricing Page.


  • Client cancellation – 48 hours notice required.
  • Weather Cancellation – we will decide 24-48 hours in advance.  Free rebooking.
  • Deposits non-refundable. Full terms included in quote.

Despite the fine print, aerial imaging is innovative and fun and we take care of all the legalities and safety issues.  Using a UAV service is also flexible, fast to deploy and considerably cheaper than the traditional option of hiring helicopters.