Flying Horse Imaging  is a comprehensive Aerial Photographic Service targeting clients in the UK with the following applications in mind:

  • Photogrammetry, 2D- and 3D- mapping and modelling for Industry, Local and Regional Planning Authorities and Councils;
  • Industrial surveys and inspections;
  • Historic Sites and National Monuments promotion and archaeological support
  • Marketing and Promotion for Tourist Boards, Heritage Railways, flying display teams, major leisure attractions and holiday resorts;
  • Precision Agricultural Surveys in support of maximising crop growth and crop health monitoring;
  • Marketing and Promotion for Estate and Real Estate Agents;
  • Property owners;
  • Live events and weddings;
  • Support of aerial photographic requirements of the Police and Emergency Services.

Our photographic services in the air are complemented with high quality land based stills and video for “inside and outside” requirements as part of a “total package”. Professional Industry standard software is employed for high quality editing of stills and video, mapping and surveying.