Pricing is always a difficult area as no two assignments are the same. But we also know it is important for you to get an early indication for budget purposes so we have created a Pricing Page.

Despite the fine print, aerial imaging is innovative and fun and we take care of all the legalities and safety issues.  Using a UAV service is also flexible, fast to deploy and considerably cheaper than the traditional option of hiring helicopters.

We look forward to hearing from you contact us for a quote.

Pricing basis

Every engagement is different because of site surveys, risk assessments, risk mitigations and permissions required so we quote individually against each opportunity.  Pricing also depends on the crew and equipment requirements, as more straightforward operations can be completed with a single pilot and a Phantom UAV. More challenging operations would need two or more crew such as a pilot, camera operator and ground crew/observers.

But having said all that, feedback from our clients tells us that it is helpful to at least get an indication of cost early in the decision to process so we have created this page to help you with that, and we are always happy to discuss any queries.

Standard Day Rates

  • Full Day Rates: Phantom  single operator £595 – with observer £695
  • Full Day Rates: Inspire 1 Pro – single operator £795 – dual operator £995
  • Half Day Rates:  Phantom – single operator £295 – with observer £395
  • Half Day Rates: Inspire 1 Pro – single operator £ 395 – dual operator £ 495

These prices include all necessary planning and pre-flight activities. Still images are subject to a personal or commercial licence, copyright transfer can be arranged at an additional cost.  Video is not subject to copyright, as we will quote you for our time and use of our equipment.

Travel costs are charged at cost. Mileage is charged at 45p per mile (not charged if the work is within a 15 miles radius of SP11 Post Code. If the assignment requires to stay out of the local area, reasonable accommodation costs will be charged to the client.

Property Package

For Estate Agents and Private Clients who require aerial photos and video of a single property within 50 miles of SP11 postcode – £249 This includes an SD Card with all images and video from the shoot.  Editing is extra :

  • £15 per still image
  • Video editing is charged at a rate of £30 per hour
  • 180° Panoramas £100
  • 360° Spherical Panoramas £200

In addition, we are fully equipped to provide high quality videos and stills of interiors which can be incorporated in a video of both inside and outside the property. Prices from £75 depending on time taken.

For Estate Agents, we can offer discounted packages for multiple properties.  We can also offer payment on completion option for a 50% premium.

Basic Photography Package

In certain circumstances in our local area, we can move off a rate based arrangement so you pay based on output, subject to a minimum fee of £100 paid in advance.  Typically this would be for simple, single operator engagements where you simply want some aerial images.  We can provide fully edited images under a personal or commercial license.  Prices would be as follows (payable in addition to the £100 deposit) :

Single image/Personal License terms – £25
Single image/ Commercial License terms – £50

All images would be uploaded to a private section of our website where you can select the images you want to buy.  Payment and downloading can be done directly from your personalised webspace.

Surveying and 2-D/3-D Mapping

Please ask for a quote with full details of your requirements.


  • Client cancellation – 48 hours notice required.
  • Weather Cancellation – we will decide 24-48 hours in advance.
  • Free rebooking.

Deposits non-refundable. Full terms included in quote.