Aerial Property/Structures Surveys & Inspections

Clients who are: Businesses, Insurance Companies, Home Owners, Builders, Roofers, Factory Owners, Schools, Architects and more.

For tall buildings or structures, previously the only way to perform regular safety surveys or inspect suspected damage was through the use of scaffolding, cherry pickers or professional climbers, all of which are costly, time consuming and risky in terms of Health and Safety.  Furthermore, they may require the property of interest to be out of business for extended periods of time.  Flying Horse Imaging can provide the same service within a matter of minutes keeping our and, importantly, your feet firmly on the ground!  Furthermore, if you need to inspect the structure from another angle, there are also no time delays associated with moving the equipment round, the very nature of an unmanned aircraft means we can survey 360 degrees of the entire property in a single flight.  The following are some applications we can help with:

·      Inspecting elevated areas of building for known or suspected damage (such as brickwork or roofing)

·      Inspecting bird-strikes or damage to wind turbine blades or Industrial Chimneys

·      Inspecting guttering for blockages or birds’ nests

·      Inspecting blocked ventilation pipes

·      Inspecting Roofs, Masts and Steeples

·      Inspecting areas not safe for direct human contact (e.g. due to radiation, hazardous materials etc)

You will be able to view the survey from a screen on the ground and you will also receive all photographs taken on site.  If necessary, we can record the entire inspection in Full High Definition 1080p video and take photos simultaneously so you can watch the flight back at a later date.