Boost property Sales and Lettings with Flying Horse Imaging Aerial Photography

Clients who are: Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Home Owners and more.

The high cost of aerial photography from a manned aircraft meant that it was only an option for listing of the highest value.  Furthermore, it meant photographing from a relatively high safety altitude, often 500 feet. Now thanks to the use of UAVs closer photography is possible revealing greater detail at a fraction of the cost. Flying Horse Imaging Photos makes aerial photography an affordable option for all sales and lettings, regardless of price.

We can provide unique aerial photos to compliment those take from the ground,  setting the location of the property in its geographical context encouraging prospective buyers to your listings and dramatically increasing saleability.  A panoramic aerial photo is the perfect way to emphasis the size and scale of a property in its surrounding gardens, landscape or community.

Furthermore, we can provide High Definition video aerial (and ground-based) tours of properties and estates, a must for premium listings to allow the property’s character and features to be fully appreciated from an aerial perspective (such as a waterfront property, penthouse apartment or country home).

The property market is well known to be fiercely competitive, taking advantage of this additional unique service puts you ahead of your competitors and first in line for your clients, whether buying, selling or letting.

This is also available to home owners directly, they make wonderful gifts for a relative or loved one. Get in touch and we can discuss your needs further.