Aerial Photos/Videos are always popular for Weddings, Corporate Retreats and Events, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Shows, Village Fairs, Festivals and more.

Wedding Aerial Photography and Videography

Previously aerial wedding photography had to be taken using helicopters at no lower than 500ft, this meant lack of detail and resulted in pictures that could be of anybody’s wedding.  The use of UAVs gives Flying Horse Imaging the ability to fly closer to capture those magical and precious moments of your wedding in photographs and video.  This means aerial photographs can be taken of the Church/Venue, capture those special moments of bride and groom and your guests and also a tour of your Church or Venue.


We can work with a ground based photographer to develop and compliment an amazing portfolio of images to create a unique wedding album to treasure.  Images of your wedding from an aerial perspective along with ground based photography. Images of guests standing in a heart shape with the Bride and Groom in the middle at your chosen venue creates a romantic and cherished image.

We can provide a stunning aerial video in High Definition 1080p of your wedding venue and reception, this together with footage of your guests arriving will give you a magical video of your special day, that you can share with others and watch again and again.