Enjoy Raw Chocolate, Andover, Hampshire, UK

A new and increasingly successful entrepreneurial business catering for Chocolate lovers everywhere! We did much of the promotional photography to help them become established in main stream outlets, specialist food shops and farm shops as well as online.

Organic, raw chocolate sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.

Enjoy Raw Chocolate was founded by husband and wife Chris and Steph Crutchley in November 2014. Chris started making his own chocolate as a hobby because of his food intolerances.

He had not been able to eat chocolate for many years but found to his delight that he could tolerate raw chocolate. Chris experimented with different natural sweeteners before finally settling on coconut blossom sugar, for its subtle caramel taste and Glycemic Index.

All their chocolate bars are free from dairy, soya, gluten as well as being free from refined sugar. http://www.enjoyrawchocolate.com