Maintenance and Storage of Lipo batteries for DJI Drones

UK weather is often unpredictable and in winter can be downright inclement and not very conducive for Aerial Photography. As professional arial photographers, Flying Horse Imaging can be left with a surplus of fully charged Lipo batteries after assignments. They don’t like hanging around fully charged! Indeed, it is an unsafe practise. Flying Horse Imaging bought its first Phantom Angel from Alex Proto who makes them to order as a sideline. The units he produces are high quality and reliable. They are very well designed and help maintain the batteries’ economic life and safety.

Lipo batteries require RESPECT to maximise economic life and to ensure safety. Key is periodic deep discharge and proper storage.

Battery – Deep discharge

To maintain their lives, it is recommended that LiPo batteries be cycled (deep discharged) every 20 cycles.  Up to now, this has typically involved draining batteries by flying UAVs, usually in a low hover, until battery cells indicate a voltage of 3.3V. Having done so, batteries should then be full charged. This re-calibrates the batteries, thus enabling them to display a more reliable approximation of likely flight time. The downside of this method is that unnecessary wear and tear is caused to the UAV and its various components/moving parts.

The Phantom Angel provides a way of deeply discharging DJI Phantom and Inspire batteries, that doesn’t require the UAV to be flown. It is very simple to use and less bothersome than hovering to deplete the batteries to the right level.


Battery storage

In order to help prolong their lives, Lipo batteries should not be stored fully charged. In fact, most battery manufacturers recommend that the batteries be stored at approximately 50% charge if being stored for more than 24 hours.

A very effective way to discharge to LiPos to 50% is to do so using the Phantom Angel range of products. This provides a storage mode and can drain a fully-charged Phantom or Inspire 1 battery to storage level in under half an hour.

Note: Flying Horse Imaging is not in any way affiliated or associated with this company.  We are, however, happy customers, who have been impressed with both the products and supporting customer service.

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