Flying Horse Imaging

Flying Horse Imaging specialises in Aerial Photography located on the Hampshire Wiltshire border in the UK. We are  an entrepreneurial, client-friendly husband and wife team with Michael, the Chief Pilot and Photographer and Poppy, Camera Operator (Payload Operator) and Observer.

Flying Horse Imaging offers affordable high quality photos and stunning 4K video using state-of-the-art (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) UAVs for Real Estate & Property, Local Development Planning, Tourist Boards and major tourist attractions, Weddings and Live Events, Historic Monuments, Industrial and Agricultural inspections and Mapping.

We are equipped to provide an all-round package including high quality aerial and land-based stills and video internally and externally of properties for marketing purposes in a polished finished product with or without music. In addition, time lapse photography is a speciality.

If you would like your wedding photographed from the air, we can do that! If you would like a simple shoot for an hour or two for some amazing aerial shots, panoramas or video of your fabulous location, we can do that too!

We also offer site surveys for industry and agriculture as well as mapping terrain.

From your first phone call, we will discuss with you your requirements, and guide you through the process needed to fulfil your expectations  using our expertise and experience. During our comprehensive pre-flight planning, we will suggest what we believe to be the best approach to fulfill your brief. We can then give you details of how our UAVs would be set up to Film, Photograph and Survey your projects from the air saving you time and money and create those magical secrets from the skies.

We are licensed UAV Pilots under the UK Civil Aviation Authority with PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) and are fully Insured. Our aerial “fleet” comprises the latest single/dual operated DJI Inspire 1 Pro and the smaller and latest technology single operator DJI Phantom 4 Professional. Both are able to take high quality stills and 4K video.

Michael is a single engine fixed-wing aircraft pilot and holds a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (RPCS) qualification  and  is CAA registered with a Permission for Commercial Operations (CAA PFCO). Flying Horse Imaging carries £5 million commercial Public Liability Insurance.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your project. Details of how to get in touch with us are shown above.

Many thanks Michael and Poppy

The Genesis

Flying Horse Imaging (FHI) was born out of a passionate interest in photography as an art form and the freedom of flight. As the son of a Spitfire pilot during WW2, I was driven to learn to fly fixed wing aircraft myself and see the beauty of the world from above as do birds.

After a long international career in marketing and finance in natural resources which has taken me to some of the most beautiful places in the world, I have been fortunate to be able to capture images of some of the stunning magic and excitement of the natural world.

I am an obsessive stills and time-lapse photographer and videographer; my passion turns to the wilderness of nature – moors and heathlands, rivers and streams and the changing drama of light and colour of sunsets and skyscapes – each one unique and different and never to be repeated. In these days of digital photography, the photographer becomes an artist playing with an infinite array of light and shadows and pallet of all the colours of a rainbow to express a feeling or an emotion.

The latest technological advances in high quality camera-carrying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has opened up the ability to go beyond the narrow perspective of being rooted to the ground and start seeing the world in three dimensions in a way that was never really possible and affordable. It allows a view of the world that has hitherto been impossible or even scarcely attainable.